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Before Coming to the Island....

…be sure to check the weather and river conditions – and come prepared!  Wear appropriate clothing, and bring sunscreen, bug spray, and any desired snacks, food or drink. Remember to practice “leave no trace” and take your refuse with you. Leave the Island and clubhouse in better shape when you leave than it was when you arrived. 

All Club Members and their guests must be familiar with the Club’s rules and the pleasures and risks of the activities available, such as swimming, canoeing, kayaking and the zipline and swing. Adults should only undertake those activities they are very familiar with, and all children must be closely supervised.  Given the inherent risks of many Island activities, all adults visiting the island must sign a waiver (on the ferry ride to the Island or before) indicating that they recognize and accept these risks. Parents must also sign for each of their children; any children coming without a parent must provide a signed parental waiver. Remember, while many outdoor activities are possible during the warm months of the year, weather and river conditions sometimes make swimming or boating too risky. 

Given the recent COVID pandemic, no one who is experiencing the symptoms of a contagious disease (like COVID, the flu or other illness) should visit the Island until they are no longer contagious.  We urge all Members and other visitors to follow the recommendations of the CDC regarding vaccinations, mask wearing and, if appropriate, isolation.

M - F: 10 am to sunset + 30 mins
Sun: 10 am to sunset + 30 mins
Saturday relief caretakers:
10 am
 to sunset + 30 mins

REMINDER: The ferry may not be used after dark or before 9 am. If you self-ferry when there is no caretaker on duty, you become the de facto caretaker and must listen for the bell.

How-to videos:


Tending Ferry across Channel

Securing Ferry to Canal Landing


There are many Relief Caretaker openings.
Please Sign up! Click Here: 

Anyone under age 18 unaccompanied by a parent must provide a
Waiver For Minor
signed by a parent to come to Sycamore Island

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Ferry is closed when water level is above 5 feet. Current water level is shown below:

River Level at Little Falls